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how can I start making money online in 2019

I’ll tell you a secret… I actually started TRYING to generate any kind of online income way back in my high school days (13 years ago, but to me It feels like yesterday).

Armed only with the knowledge of making simple HTML websites and a mind paralyzed with a jungle of “Make Money Online” bloggers selling their e-books…

Naturally I jumped from one opportunity to another, never really getting anywhere, starting much, not being consistent, not finishing anything and thus seeing no significant results.


So when I saw the thing went nowhere, I finally quit with the (back then unrealistic) dream and tried hard to get a regular tangible real word job… until I did.

I’ve been working for full 3 years now (part time but almost full year, 3 months off, but not a single day off during a few months in the high season during summer).

working for no more than 2$ an hour!

I finally became able to pay my own bills, buy my own stuff, invest in my hobbies. Finally started using eBay, PayPal and got my own credit card. Life became easier.

But the dream of having an additional independent side income suffered… and I felt I should be able to do more, earn more… but I simply didn’t know where to start or what to focus on.


So to get the story shorter and give you some practical value with my rant..

here is why I started creating my online income again, and this time seriously focusing on it.

It’s simple; As you may already know.

My passion is filmmaking. (when I get the time to do it).

Precisely RAW & ANAMORPHIC filmaking (the pro stuff).

Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is. It just means it’s some pretty pricey hobby I started.

To get you some idea how pricey… I was given a Canon T3i / Canon 600D – Upgraded it with “MagicLantern” Firmware to be able to record RAW video (to have crispier details, higher dynamic range of colors, and to be able to edit it with professional color grading tools for a real filmic look).


Then I realized that camera had a pretty slow SD card writing speed, which affected how big resolutions and how long clips I could record.

(the videos were cropped, and I could record less than 5-10 sec… which is barely adequate for collecting short “b-roll” clips, but not for serious longer scenes with a dialogue or interviews).

So needless to say I became bit of a frustrated because I couldn’t use my hobby for recording some more quality and thus more satisfactory work.

Next thing I did…

Since I kinda got into a “romantic” relationship with this powerful and neat looking MagicLantern Firmware

(which gives professional filmmaking abilities to DSLR cameras to extend their factory limitations)

I bought a bit newer (but slightly used) Canon T5i (Canon 700D) model – Because I hoped I could record at least a double bigger video resolution in RAW video mode and also record double longer. I also bought the high end fastest possible SD cards from Lexar and SanDisk for that purpose and spend my whole 2 salaries on it.

The result ? Well.. I’ve got the result I wanted alright… but that still wasn’t enough for a serious work.

Next thing I did…

Dealing with the MagicLantern’s RAW video cropping problem

(not to mention that I also discovered the PinkDot aka “focusing pixels” issue with Canon700D,which meant one more step in my editing workflow to mask those)

Because of my video resolution being pretty cropped in RAW (a kind of a digital negative for video, just like for photos)

I started looking into ways to fit more details into my image, I looked into wide angle lenses with an aperture of f/2.8 or wider (like 2, 1.7, 1.4, 1.2)

But those cost like thousands of $$$ !!!

Finally I bought my self a Sigma 17-50mm , f/2.8 .. (with a fixed non-rotating front element, and fixed aperture throughout all focal lengths) to ditch my default 18-50mm f/3.5-4.6 kit lens.

Needless to say.. that was a huge improvement in the filmic look..

And I used it to make quite a few short films. Not to mention I gained much better ability to film in low light, at night and indoors.

But that still wasn’t…. quite so wide, I needed a bigger resolution than that.

But how could I fit more image data, more wideness, more pixels, into an already pretty small and cropped recording area of the ML RAW screen?

Next thing I decided was getting my self some ANAMORPHIC GLASS (a real anamorphic lens, not just faking an anamorphic flares and oval bokeh with filters and black bars)

I needed a real anamorphic glass to squeeze in double more image… inside the same sensor area. – And such “miracle” is only possible through an anamorphic lens.

Very soon I found out that REAL anamorphic lenses designed specifically for recording movies cost like tens of thousands of dollars and up!

But there was a much more affordable way out to get the absolutely same result.

The solution was to get a cheap vintage German or old Soviet movie projector anamorphic adapter lens (costing $400 to $1500 and up , for really good ones)

and even with those I would still have a not quite practical “double focusing” issue.

(which basically means I couldn’t just focus normally with one hand, using just one focusing ring, but two. One on the anamorphic adapter and other on the taking lens between it and the camera it self).

Then I found out there is an array of available “single focus solution” mechanisms designed for that purpose, but each of these had their own flaws, added ever so slightly to the loss of image quality and they were often more expensive than the anamorphic adapter lens it self).

But since it was my passion, I decided I have to try it.

So next thing I know Im on ebay, getting my self a super cheap 90-110$ priced famous (gigantic heavy and unpractical) “35NAP 2-3m” projector lens from Belarus.

It came to my post office in 2 weeks, I hauled it home and my arm almost fell off how heavy it was. Soon I learned how to dismantle it and get the 2 glasses out… which wasn’t easy AT ALL!

When I finally got the lenses out, I disposed all of the heavy metal tubing and rings (which could easily be sold to Iranians to make at least a half of a missile LOL).

Then I waited for a guy from Moscow to 3D print me custom frames for those glasses to connect them to a rail on my video rig. (cost: 126$ more)

And finally…. I was able to record in true ANAMORPHIC !

Then I waited for 2 months for a custom “bellow” (made of fabric, the kind of one that vintage photo cameras used), to arrive, custom made, from Hong Kong). ( 45$ for two pieces)

And finally after almost a year since that thingy arrived….. I finally got a day off from work (just a week ago) and got the time to learn how, and then 3D design MY OWN final parts for it.. all by my self.. in order to finally connect all parts and to have a complete enclosed housing without the lenses being exposed. (That  final part costed me 23$ more)

By now I stopped even counting how much it all costs together… just want to finish it!

I want to finish it so I can use it and enjoy in my completed project. Even though I know it wont exactly be a very practical “run & gun” setup with a practical single focus ability.

But still… many serious filmmakers still use the double focus technique…. until they have enough of budget to upgrade to a single focus system.

My next (much desired) upgrade for serious filmmaking projects:

Well… First I have to complete my FM Lens setup.. which needs another 400€ piece inside (the actual anamorphic lens, preferably Cinelux), plus I will need a few cheap step down rings for it to have a proper circular variable Neutral Density filters installed between the taking lens and the anamorphic lens.

Next… If I wish to be able to record with it a longer than 10-15-20 second video in RAW I will have to invest in either Canon 5DII or 5DIII, BMPCC or a newer Panasonic GH model with RAW video capability.

A pricey sport indeed.. but it’s a passion and I love it!


I have decided to find more ways… any ethical ways possible, that I could start using today (and show others how easy it is to start earning)… to earn enough to not only pay my bills independently from my salary,  and to also be able to afford completing my perfect videography setup, so I can make much more, by filming quality projects for clients with it.

As well as filming my own short films when I want to… without worrying that my setup is not professional enough or difficult to assemble before shooting.

So that is precisely why I made this blog:

  1. To find ALL of the REAL ways of making ONLINE INCOME with my already busy lifestyle and very little time
  2. To help others skip the chase and have a ready made steps to take towards earning additional income online

So we can all achieve our own higher goals and live our desired passions 😉

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