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From time to time I stumble upon some really good online outsourcing marketplaces which are really good in terms of having a good amount of well paid jobs for designers and freelancers and they are also a well established place to find quality and talented workers to outsource your projects, save you time, do it efficiently and for an affordable price. One of them is well known .

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(examples of paid assignments on SquadHelp marketplace)

 Who is SquadHelp for? 

SquadHelp is a well established online marketplace with quality designers around the world ready to start working on any project which needs to be outsourced and done on behalf of business owners or anyone who needs a designer, programmer, artist, sales letter writer, logo designer, app designer, website owner who only needs a talented person to come up with an idea for a new name for their business or website domain name. For anyone who needs outsourcing their work to get it done quickly, efficiently and affordable.

The client gets his/her work already finished and ready to choose the best candidate!

Payment options include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal

SquadHelp is also a great opportunity for freelancers and skilled, talented people to earn a hefty side income easily with the knowledge and skills they already own. Earnings can be withdrawn through PayPal at any time.

Some examples of services for clients which can be found on SquadHelp:

Domain Name Suggestions, Business Name Ideas, Brand Name Ideas, Slogans & Taglines, Twitter Names

Logo & Design:
Logo Design, Web Design, Business Cards, Banner Ad

Writing & Marketing:
Article Writing, Viral Marketing, Viral Videos, Article Writing, Press Release Writing

Testing & Research:
SEO Advice, Website Testing, Usability Testing, Business Strategy & Research, Conversion Optimization

Are you a freelancer or a client who needs a quality work done to outsource your project needs?

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