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When it comes to software, especially productivity software, in my opinion it should be:

Practical + Lightweight + Portable + Efficient + Sleek looking + And preferably have a free, open source or at least trial alternative.

So as you may know by now, I don’t like to attract your precious attention (like so many other bloggers do) with those flashy titles which say “15 best of this” or “50 best methods for that”, because it often turns out that none of those things on those list can satisfy the specific search intentions and needs of the website/blog user/visitor.

And not only that visitors often can’t find what they have been looking for on a bunch of superficial blog posts, but there are also new alternatives (of whatever they were looking for) which come out all the time. So there is always something better that isn’t mentioned in the post.

So instead….

I’m ONLY recommending just a few good alternatives that I really really like and that I would definitely use or I’m actually using them regularly. And also they should be pretty much timeless and useful for a long time.

So.. without further babbling, here are my two best candidates for a mind mapping software:

what is the best free mind mapping software - blumind - vue-mindmappingBlumind:

Before Blumind I used Vue and before that I used xMind.

All of them are free, sleek looking, functional, practical and free.

Just that the only con for xMind was (if i remember correctly) that you had to register it (for free) in order to log in. Vue is nice and I’m still using it sometimes, and it has basically almost the same capabilities as Blumind.

The thing that I like more in Blumind is purely it’s simplicity, additional feature like a progress bar on the tasks and a nice set of cool themes to chose (especially my favorite Sea Wolf.  I’m kinda like Bruce Wayne, I always ask “does it come in black?” 😉


what is the best free mind mapping software - blumind - vue-mindmapping

So this is my next good alternative, its Vue.

And as you can see on the screenshot it has all the goodies in a mind mapping software you could possibly need 😉

So those are the only two mind mapping programs I use.

They are useful, powerful, practical, fast, sleek, easy to understand, easy to use and free.

Use them for good, and have success with your planing.

And remember, the one more important thing than having a good planing tool is to actually have something wonderful to plan! 🙂


Happy [is] the man [that] findeth wisdom, and the man [that] getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it [is] better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.” – Proverbs 3.13