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Having a forum for any website or blog owner is a must, both new blogs and established ones.

These are just some of the crucial reasons why having a forum is essential:

  1. A forum site helps you launch your blog with a steady growth from the first day
  2. It creates user generated content and makes visitors come much more often
  3. It generates a Google updates resistant and healthy stream of free organic traffic
  4. It is an SEO power weapon, it sends you a large percentage of targeted users and buyers with much less advertising, if any.
  5. And finally, it creates a dedicated specialized community and makes your blog or online business teeming with life, action and fresh, new user generated relevant content which brings new interested visitors and saves you time on creating content. And also, by participating in your own forum on your blog, and replying on threads, you are helping your community by giving them solutions for their problems.

That is how a healthy blog needs to be run! :)

A few years ago I discovered one of the most advanced and highly customizable, feature rich free forum for websites which I still like to use for my website projects.

It’s clear and simple to use and takes just a moment to install on your website by pasting a line of code into your page and that’s it!

You see, many website and blog owners are making a mistake by thinking that just having comments on is enough to engage people and make the website alive. That’s not how it works in reality, especially for new blogs or if you have a limited budget for advertising, and many times paid advertising isn’t quite appropriate for such blogs but more for merchandise selling landing pages. Because your targeted audience can often be “advertisement blind”, but forums always attract people who are genuinely and actively searching for solutions and they come directly from Google and for free.

Many times comments are from spammers, and even when using a good anti-spam plugin, many commentators (especially in the beginning of your blogging adventure) are spammers in one way or another or just trying to build backlinks. But if you want to grow and retain a steady community on your blog, which consists of genuine questions and solutions which are easily read by categories, then a forum is your best solution buddy! ;)

So without further delay, here is the link where you can get it:

(click on the banner bellow) 

Now you can start building your vibrant community and make your blog alive and teeming with visitors on autopilot!

And forums for websites are not the only useful and free tool for your website you can get there, there are also countless of cool website hit counters with detailed 3D statistic charts, chat rooms, mailing lists, autoresponders and so much more!

Alternatively, if you need a forum hosted your own domain, you could try “bbPress” plugin for WordPress, I tried it personally though, expecting that it will magically do the job, but as I saw from my and other user’s experience, bbPress is underdelivering to say the least. Its very limited and rigid, not much options to set it up right, and then I just deleted the whole plugin and tried a couple of others that were available for WordPress, and they were not completely free and they weren’t working either.

There is a third option I know of, which Im certain that it not also works perfectly on wordpress, it looks fantastic, it creates most visually and functionally stunning message boards/forums, and complete social networks, and it’s free to install on WordPress with one single click (although the necessary add-ons for it are sold for one time $99 price.

It is also perfect from everything from a single blog to a whole enterprise website.

I’m definitely planing to use it on my blog very soon and for now here is how it looks on one of my favorite blogs I’m reading:

best forum for mz website 02

Now isn’t that neat ? to have your personal forum / social network hosted on your own blog, your own domain and with your own blog’s template ? That is how you create a popular website from scratch and brimming with users!

You can find more about that forum plugin here: