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  • 1) MUSIC
  • 2) Notepad + Mind map + Visual timer
  • 3) Moving (walking, running, swimming, dancing, etc.)
  • 4) Having a clear step by step plan
  • 5) Habit building app
  • 6) Mental effort , a trick & nutrition, to beat procrastination and re-enforce your executive functioning
  • 7) Advanced time management strategy (“multiplying time”)


1) Music: Has a purpose to artificially move you and keep your pace forward and not let you slow down or let silence distract you from your efforts and tasks.

2) Notepad (tangible one or an app) serves to quickly jot down ideas and tasks u need to to put on a list the very second you got them. Mind map (VUE app) serves to put your tasks into an interconnected network of priorities to help your brain organize it self in time and space, even days and weeks ahead without much thinking. And the visual timer serves to trick your (sometimes not functioning) executive functioning INTO STARTING a task, the very second the alarm beeps, but will also let you be relaxed doing what you like (or even doing other tasks), by visually showing you the passing on time in such a way that isn’t stressful because it isn’t too abstract like a normal digital or analog clock. There are devices like that (both desktop and wearable, which is called “Time timer”, but me personally I only need the simple freeware “Cook Timer” Windows app. – It is also useful to remind you when you have to shift attention to another tasks which is just finishing and then get back to the previous one. (like putting laundry to dry and then get back to your work) It is excellent for real efficient multitasking and you can set it for indefinite amount of tasks and set it how much time you plan to spend on it or at what time some other task should be checked.

3) I used to try to work from home in the past, just by sitting and forcing my self to stare at the screen and just wait for the magical moment to come and give me knowledge and inspiration to know what to do. But then I realized that the real miracle happens when we do the thing that at first seems as a counter-intuitive one. – Which is getting away from all tasks, and go out walking for kilometers, running, swimming rigorously for an hour or two. – When we move there are actually new neuron connections growing and even new neurons! Those are then used to  get new ideas and new perspectives much more easily! Also the overused parts of brain get relaxed and fresh to use them again. – And while Im at it…. there is one more thing! SLEEP! – Sleeping serves to let brain cells literally change distance and move in a way to squeeze out a type of liquid which moves out the brain cell’s metabolic products and plaque thus preventing it from accumulating inside your brain synapses, thus enhancing your sharp thinking and keeping your memory working to its maximum efficiency.

4) Moving is half of the trick to be much more able to create your own plans for the things and projects you do. The other part is getting knowledge of how things are done which you are trying to do. That includes anything from watching tutorials and reading forums or even getting help from a more knowledgeable person to mentor you and teach you the things you dream to be able to do. … Like in the case of blogging and affiliate marketing. It’s better to learn from somebody who you know and who  is interested to get you on your feet, than to get lured into webs of seemingly good hearted online mentors who are selling you memberships for like hundreds and thousands of dollars to virtually earn their money from you and only teach you to copy them and do the same thing.

– That is why our blog is here – To share our rich experience with you, tell you what works and what doesnt and to let you know what are the bare minimum investments you will need (things like web hosting and paying for ads and not much else!)

5) Habit building app, serves as a kind of accountability mechanism to keep you in check and to keep you rolling forward and to remind you every day of your goals. Personally I love the “HabitHub” Android app, its simple, dark, sleek, and full of eye candy charts and graphs, and it shows you the animated circular liquid flowing charts with a calculated percentage of your current strength of all of your habits.

6) Depending on a person (depending if they are neurotypical or on the ASD spectrum) there can be significant differences in the strength of the part of the brain that serves for executive functioning. In laymen terms, its a part of the brain which makes us jump from the bed in the cold freezing room and do what is necessary to make bfast, prepare the bathroom, brush, shower and get to work, on time or earlier, each time, every time, no excuse. – So here is the thing, if you happen to know that EF. might not be your greatest strength, there are tricks you can do to beat it and re-enforce it.

Some of which are: a) Time timer b) count to 3.. or 100 (and not one digit more!) c) Nutrition: Studies show in such cases the most useful are Omega3, Proteins, Sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables. And dopamine for which the best way is to get it by experiencing achievement, hiking in nature, being creative, being social and flirting, and exercising. d) Or simply jump up and do what you have to, on autopilot, without thinking, just do, because any other alternative is scarier and it’s not an option. Capishi ?

7) There are many people (mainly the chronically unsuccessful ones and chronic procrastinators) who are going through life having some wrong time management strategies (or none at all).

The current and most advanced I learned about (and in a way I did it on my own, unconsciously ever since… forever) is something that a productivity expert Rory Vaden is calling “Time multiplication”. Basically it is all about giving your self emotional permission (or as I would say “a drop more of mental effort”, to do things today differently than usual, to do one step further, one thing more, one task that you dont need to do today but you still do it now. Because in the long run, it will save you a little bit of time tomorrow, then much more time this week, then a half a month worth of your usual daily routines. – And suddenly when you turn around.. you will have so much free time on your hands you will be able to go on that hiking trip or a vacation you have been postponing for months or years. Here is his magnificent TED talk, it certainly blew me away. – And please share it, it wil help so many people! 😉

Has this post been in any way helpful to you ? if so, tell us in the comments!