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Don’t have an idea what kind of revenue generating website you want?

Chose one from bellow to get an idea what you could make:

Here is my constantly updated list of well researched ideas for various online business models and ways to monetize them most effectively with a minimum effort and maximum profit:

  1. youtube (600 x 375)ClipShare site – Content: videos – Monetization: CPM Banner ads (example: YouTube, Vimeo, ZipCast, Metacafe,, Veoh, VidYes, Wenoo, etc.)

  2. how_to_make_a_picture_sharing_websiteImageShare site – Content: pictures – Monetization: CPM Banner ads (example: ImageShack, Imgur)

  3. how_to_earn_money_online_with_jobboardsJob board – Content: job listings – Monetization: CPM Banner ads, recurrent fees for featured accounts (example:,,, etc.)

  4. how to make moneymaking niche siteHobby blog & Niche site – Content: Product reviews – Monetization: Youtube Partner program for videos and affiliate product sales.  (example:,

  5. howto make classified ads website (600 x 290)Classified Ads site – Content: Ads – Monetization: CPM banner ads, rented links and banner space, membership fees for contacting sellers, fees for featured search results, contextual ads.  (example:

  6. how to make money with social a networkSocial Network – Content: Social profiles & content – Monetization: fees for featured accounts , CPM ads, Contextual Ads, Amazon Associates, Affiliate links, etc. (example: Facebook,,,,

  7. how to earn money with a blog in 2015 (600 x 275)Specialized multi-product review & rebate/coupon offering website – Content: Product reviews, rebate offers, coupons – Monetization: Affiliate links, sponsored links (example:

  8. how to earn money with a dslr camera in 2015 where to sel stock pictures and videosBecome a photographer/videographer – Content: photos, videos – Monetization: Selling photos and videos (example: Having your own online shopping cart or selling your photos and videos on sites like

  9. how to create an online storeOnline store – Content:  product gallery/shopping cart – Monetization: Selling products from your own store or drop shipping other people’s products (example:,

  10. make money with travel deal websiteTravel deals website – Content:  best deal cheap flights, freights and hotel deals – Monetization: A percentage from selling airline tickets and hotel reservations, CPM Ads.  (example:,,

  11. how to make money with free sms website (600 x 289)Free SMS website – Content: unlimited sms sending feature – Monetization: CPM Banner ads (example: , )

  12. smartlifeblog (900 x 431) User generated news website – Content: popular news/tutorials – Monetization: CPM Banner ads, membership fee (example: )

  13. scamadviser logo (600 x 289)Scam checking directory – Content: Background check information of companies and websites – Monetization: CPM Banner ads (example: )

  14. much much more to come soon! 😉