My mission


Saving you years worth of seeking after your perfect online income stream. While others are leaving you with a s*** ton of “top101” ways of doing it, I am researching way more, even the absolutely fantastic and high paying ones you never hear about. But with a twist! – I am choosing only a few selected ones which are worthy of your time and effort. So you are not left with lots of reading and analysis paralysis state of mind. Instead, you will know what to work on straight away, and it will be as simple as possible.


On my blog, you can forget “paid surveys”, being “paid” in amazon gift cards and all kinds of weird worthless crypto currencies, or earning cents and peanuts. Or impractical things which are not for everyone. Like creating your own product, etsy, starting a youtube channel or Airbnb. We are serious around here! – So I am talking only about tangible, ready to start income streams, which can be done internationally.


And finally, we all know how mind numbing it is to spend 15 min or a whole afternoon reading through promissing articles. Just to end up confused and not sure where to start. So I will also spend a great deal of my work here teaching how to keep your mind fresh, inspired to create and rested to be able to concentrate on your mission till success. – Because we all learned by now, trying to concentrate too much on these subjects, brings us anywhere besides our goal.