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My internet connection is working but websites wont load solved


I was just doing my own business as usual (you know… talking to my woman, cooking, playing with my lions, categorizing files on my PC, reading articles about psychology, photography, genetics and metabolic pathways in cats… occasionally realizing that I’m an astronaut, because I’m on earth and earth is pretty much in space…. anyway…)Β 

Then I checked upon my online projects and this blog, and decided to write a new post, and naturally I opened my Market Samurai software to generate some nice relevant and highly targeted keywords to generate nice organic traffic.Β 

(Trust me, that software is pure gold)

And then suddenly I discover that my Market Samurai SEO software couldn’t connect properly to do keyword analysis! ALARM!

And I realized that that was just one of the symptoms which lasted more than a week now, because I noticed that suddenly I had to often reload my pages a few times to load them properly, even though the connection worked just fine.

So naturally what somebody does in such situation is going to Google (or DuckDuckGo if you are paranoid much πŸ˜‰ )

And typing in something like ” The description of the problem + solved”. Then I’ve read a few different forum posts, Β until I finally came up to something familiar and also a post with a promising solution. So I tried it…

On my good old Windows XP I went in:

Start/Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/System/Hardware/Device Manager/Network Adapters

Which looks like this!

My internet connection is working but websites wont load solved

And then Uninstalled my wireless adapter (Atheros), resetting my PC and re-installing my wireless adapter’s driver … which I prepared before reinstalling it of course! (took several attempts).

And I finally made it work perfectly and smoothly. Opened my Firefox, checked a few sites, they loaded completely and super fast. Then checked my Market Samurai software and it was roaring like a lion! Thank God!

Now I can continue my work πŸ™‚