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You simply install it, enter your PayPal email address to withdraw your earnings.

And then simply watch 10 sec videos or open news articles and slide to next one once the ($) counter disappears in 10 sec.

The best thing, you don’t even need to watch them, or read them,  and the audio is off by default.

You can simply slide to the next one, with your finer while you are doing other stuff, while at your desk or even while on a commute or and talking to people.

I continued using it for 20-30 min a day or even longer while I’m at my desk.

And without any referrals by now I already earned more than $0.30 in just 3 days trying it out here and there.

(I know, its not that much, but it’s real money and it will soon grow exponentially!)

And you can withdraw your money to PayPal as soon as you have collected $5

So, since it works and its generating real money, I decided to scale it up and share it to maximize my earnings… (and finally buy that Cinelux anamorphic lens …soon!)

All you need to do is download it from:

After you have installed it simply enter my invitation code:


to instantly earn 1000 extra coins!