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IMG_7277 BW1 Admin: Mr. :Damir: S.:  (aka “Master of the spark”) Is the brain behind the whole operation, he is a true Tinker, Fixer, Doctor, Spy of the inner workings of our servers, statistics, spam control, marketing campaigns, finances, housekeeping at the premises, coder, debugger, and overall a round the table maintenance guy. – He likes summer, talking about fossils of dinosaurs & ancient naval architecture methods with alpha ladies, and a cup of milk and honey, with bacon.

21476001_571533836303642_1579092606_nSocial Media Expert: Mr. :Felix:S.: (aka “EnGinair Combusteur”) Is our Social Media account monitor and public relation manager. – And while not on duty, he’s smashing some engines until they are operational, he has some rough hands but he can be gentle with your lettuce when cooking your romantic dinner. He likes blonde American cow milking girls with a sophisticated taste for fine Beefaroni and bacon.