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You may already know or not yet even realize how awesome,

powerful and important this tool is.

For those who never heard of Market Samurai, …

well, you just have to try it to see what it can do!

And trust me,..without it you will spend so much time and money on guesswork and totally wrong Niches, wrong market, wrong domain names, wrong tittles for your blog pages, blog posts, product names, AdWords keywords and so much more stuff you certainly wouldn’t want to leave it to chance and luck.

I’m personally using it for like 80% of my posts, for doing keyword research and SEO competition analysis before even writing a post or giving it a title.

Why ? Because there are so many factors involved in today’s SEO which are crucial to make your blog post, website, product or service either visible on the first page of Google extremely fast, or never be listed or found at all.

It’s that serious!

There is so much more that I could say and show how practical, fast, easy and profitable it is to use Market Samurai software and all the magical things it can do for you and your business.

But I will write more posts about all those subjects later, and also show you videos how to use it.

For now I just want to warn you. That, if you are a blogger, product creator, a business owner or an affiliate marketer, then you really really really really don’t want to pass on this unique peace of software that will change your life and push you ahead in front the rest of bloggers and online marketers and even big companies and actually give you a chance to succeed. 

(I’m actually advertising it on Facebook ads, and companies like Amazon, Telecom Italy and Telecom China are just some of the who are interested in it!).

I was also skeptical in the beginning about it. And if you know anything about me then you know that I’m an extremely honest person with strong ethics and morals and also extremely frugal and careful where I spend my budget. I believe you are too.


Here is my offer:

1) Use my affiliate link (in the left sidebar or click here

2) Download the FREE TRIAL VERSION – then upgrade it to  full version for $97 (you save $52)

 (The Free Trial version can be used for 7 days so you can see how powerful and useful it is!)

3) Take a screenshot of your PayPal invoice/receipt and send it to my email:  “johntuckermarketing@gmail.comtogether with your PayPal email address so I can pay you your refund! 😉

4) I’m sending you your $40 rebate in 24-48 hours  – and you paid your Market Samurai software only $57 instead $149

(That is the biggest saving you will ever get for such an awesome product, you will have it for life and get regular free updates).

To your success! 😉