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I was just about to write a post on my FB page and post a Tweet about my latest post. Because Twitter (and FB and YT) is a vital part of social media and generating website traffic and for communication with my readers….

When suddenly…

I clicked to post a tweet and then got a strange error which said the following:

This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.

But I knew I didn’t do anything wrong with it and I was sure that it was some Twitter glitch in the code.

Soon I found out on various forums that many other people encountered the same issue, and they said that Twitter’s support techs were also not able to offer any help.

So naturally I did a huge research and read tons of forums, just to see that there is really no permanent solution for that problem.

People were saying things like; “Posting the tweets works after changing the password” and others responded that it either doesn’t work at all,  or it works but temporarily.

So all I could do is trying to post my tweet message on my wall just to get that error message constantly.

Then I tried posting it by logging on Twitter from another browser (Safari), but I got the same error message!!!

Then..  I don’t know what happened but if I remember correctly, I opened Twitter by using another browser (Safari) and I suddenly saw on my Twitter home page  a message on the top of the screen saying something like:

“Your twitter account is temporarily locked” and then a big blue button, saying “Unlock” (or something like that), and I don’t remember seeing that before in Firefox or Torch (a version of Chrome which I’m using). So that may be indeed a solution to unlock your Twitter so you can tweet again 😉

Try a different browser (like Safari) and search for that message at the top on your homepage or main wall and click to unlock it, it will ask your mobile number and then send a code on it and then you enter the code on the site like I did and your Twitter will be unlocked and you can post tweets again! Anyway, that’s at least how I solved it 😉

Was this post helpful ? do you use Twitter for your business ? Did you experience the same and how did you solve it ? Tell me in the comments 🙂

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