How to pass testerwork test

how to pass testerwork test
answers to exam
answers to test
how to make money testing websites in 2020
how to make money testing apps in 2020

Here is how I passed the TesterWork test, and it was soooo easy!

Basically what I did is screenshotting all of the instructions and had the images ready at hand when taking the exam, which really takes just a few pages.

What it is important is to read well and understand the instructions and then they were super easy to recognize in the offered scenarios of bugs in the examples of websites and apps.

Basically I had to recognize of the bug was critical, high, medium low or that the app or website was usable. And just top be sure, I took my time, checked my screenshots, checked them twice!

And then gave my answers like a perfectionist (because I really wanted top pass the testerwork exam. And the rest of the questions were poor grammar test, or a mix of a grammar test within a bug report.

How much does testerwork pay ?

Well.. the information is is confidential as per my agreement…. but, to help you out.

It pays for an avocado toast for each single reported bug 😉

You will have to join and see for your self. But the fact I joined, it means it’s worth.

Plus it’s free to join if you click on this HERE (not an affiliate link).


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