How to overcome writer’s block forever – works 100%

There are plenty of more or less similar advice out there and countless of blog posts about how to overcome writer’s block. But what if none of those work for you? Here.. try this! Because I know it works for me every time.. And trust me, I used to suffer from writer’s block so baddly it would take me months to write a new blog post. Not anymore!


  1. Listening to my favorite youtube shows in the bacground
  2. When that kinda wears of a bit, I realize that my real cause of writer’s block are actually my house chores in the back of my mind – So I must immediatelly go and do those – I use a pomodoro-like timer app (any will do) – giving my self 10 minutes to finish that. By the time I’m done I feel fresh and motivated to contonue writing.
  3. When that wears off…I usually realize that I need a bit more insight on the topic, so I go and do a bit of research, open a few tabs, read, save the importantr ones in my easy to see desktop postits so the links dont get tucked out of sight somewhere (important!)
  4. Then I continue writing... and when that wears off, I usually realize Im sitting much, and I get the feeling that Im neglecting my body by that time. which creates a kind of a temporary dissatisfaction with what I’m doing, so I have to gain some satisfaction in order to maintain my focus. So… I take some dumbells and get my blood pumping… I do a couple of sets working on my muscle groups… Then I suddenly feel the rush of serotonine and dopamine and Im right back in the game!
  5. One more thing… when you finish.. make sure you have collected plenty of topics and titles for new upcomming posts (very important!)

AND THAT’S IT! ..Really!

Here is what others say that might also help you:

  • Take a walk (Im doing it, it helps)
  • Change your environment (Like taking your laptop in another room, Im sure that would also work for me I wil definitelly try it)
  • Read an article on the subject you are writing about (it helps feel in the gaps and broaden your ideas, which is exactly what you need)
  • Get some coffee (YEAH BUDDY!!!!)
  • Have a routine (for some of us, this one is a number one, it’s priceless!)
  • Spend some time with closest friends or family ( It definitelly relaxes the strained neurons and get’s you all energized)
  • Save your links and ideas in bullet points, so they are easy to review and use later (A lot of writer’s block gomes from trying to remember your idea for a blog post you had)
  • Save your draft and take a quick rest ( use a pomodoro-like app.. to not make a too long “rest”)
  • Proofread the post ( it takes your mind away from thionking too hard and instead it does something easy which doesnt require thinking what to write but only checking stuff yopu already know.. Also, it creates satisfaction because you are saving time on your final proofreading before publishing your post)
  • Bold some keywords, to make the post nicer for the eye (and also to save time on bolding the keywords later).


  • Not starting until feeling inspired
  • By binge procrastinating to get in the mood ( watching youtube, too much tutorials, memes, searching too long fopr ideal images, breaking your resting time limit, emotional eating to compensate frustration from not starting the post.
  • Distraction from family
  • Avoiding to deal with housework, so it nags you in the back of your mind
  • Too long sitting (get up at least every 20 min)
  • Not feeling fresh and neat
  • Not starting to write…. just write.. (free-write ideas…. It’s hard to start but it’s easy to click backspace)
  • Not doing prior research or having experience on the topic
  • Having an attention seeking GF (LOL .. I’m serious)
  • Writing without a clear goal and a bigger picture (It will make you quit in no-time)
  • Social media, binge watching on viral videos (it all starts with one!)
  • Not minding the spelling as you write (the thought of having to deal with the typos later piles up anxiety and impatience to finish the post prematurely or take a too long pause. (just quick spell check it by typing the word in a google search or address bar. Its fast and easy)

And yeah… stuf like that… you get it, so lets wrap this thing up and put it into practice!

To the next post!

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