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Boy oh boy what have I got my self into this time!

Nevertheless ..It was a must.. In order to fully be my self, have my own peace to work from home, besides living paycheck to paycheck as a night shift hotel receptionist.

And to truly force my self to work on my online income streams I have been neglecting for far too long. Including this blog.

I decided to jump into the unknown, and boy I did it deep this time!

So here is the challenge:

  1. Rent for first month paid
  2. Landlord is the most fabulous I could ever have
  3. The apartment is as affordable as it can be
  4. I still have to figure out how to transport my belongings 10 Km from parent’s house
  5. I still have to decide if I will bring this PC there, and maybe try to fix and use my ancient at my former home (because obviously I need it for work)
  6. I have to get a DSL provider and a router there (that’s not going to cost much)
  7. I moved because… well… I need a peace of mind and a place to grow a little bit more seriously
  8. I have just enough for my next rent…………. If I dont spend a freakin dime! …. Yeahhhh
  9.  Now… I have to really get to work, find side gigs as much as I can
  10.  The plan is to also start a new youtube channel and document the whole process of pulling this off.. while being almost broke
  11. This was my last full salary for this year, the next one will be… well barely anything!!! … After that I, going to get 3 months of social security allowance… which barely cowers the rent … and then I’m about to start working in the spring 2020 (unless I find some job in the meantime AND I MUST!)

So guys…It would mean me the whole world, if you could show a bit of support for my brave move.. by

Liking this post, sharing it, check out any income streams I’m researching for you here (many of which I am going to seriously start implementing starting today.. because I was far too dependent just on my salary .. till this moment) … also… donating any amount you can.. Until I stand up firmly on my feet next spring or sooner… would be utterly awesome from you!