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get paid to create tutorials,get paid for your videos,online tutor jobs


That thing when ……

you can sell any knowledge or skill you have …

or you want to learn something new!

If you have searched for various kinds of work online which is paid good, and requires no investment and its easy to join. Then I’m sure you have probably seen some of these:

  • Get paid to complete surveys, click on ads, read emails, pay us this and that amount of money so we will get you a list of paid social media jobs (supposedly). or pay us this or that price and we will secure you a tutoring job… etc. ( they are of course scams for the most part or not worth the time and effort).
  • You may also saw quite a few reputable companies who are offering to connect tutors with students, and let you get paid to teach on various of school subjects, like math, physics, biology etc. Some of those have certain fees, others are free to join, but almost all of them have certain quality checkups of your skills and credentials. So they are not easy to get in and they are mostly limited to students as clients.

So I will not talk about those here in this particular post, you can search for those if you need, such services they are easy to find on Google.

What I wanted to introduce you with are TWO companies which I like, which are offering something much better for the broader spectrum of tutors and learners. It’s free to join and easy to get your work approved. It’s not without any investment though!

It is free, but you need to have some skills first, and it takes a bit of your time and effort to write or shoot a video of your tutorials, which are then going to be put for sale, and generate you passive income FOR LIFE!

 1) Udemy:

get paid to create tutorials,get paid for your videos,online tutor jobsThe first one is called “Udemy” . I registered there because it’s the largest destination for online courses. The tutors are professionals in what they teach. There are top quality video tutorials for anything you can imagine: Math, algebra, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, fitness, diet, bodybuilding, weight-loss, any language course you wish, any computer skill you want to learn for any software you need. from 3D design, Office, any Adobe product, web design, mobile app creation. Best of all, a great amount of those lessons are free to watch, and the rest are super affordable. Anything you wish to learn is there, anything you want to teach and get paid to teach, you can and there is audience for it, you just need to make your course or tutorial a video, pictures or text, upload it, choose your price and get paid as long people are using it!

get paid to create tutorials,get paid for your videos,online tutor jobs

Examples of UDEMY courses

2) SkillFeed:


Another equally good and almost identical service is “SkillFeed“. They both same virtually the same (and huge) amount of courses of everything you can imagine, and anything you could need to develop your professional skills and get certificates of completion.  SkillFeed als has some free courses, the difference is that, at SkillFeed students/learners pay a $19 monthly subscription fee to learn.


Was this post helpful in your search for the ideal online course or finding a platform to monetize your skills ?

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