How to make my affiliate program in 2020 ?

how to start my affiliate program in 2020 easy

Every smart person (like you) should have their own affiliate program and affiliates to promote it and earn you money while you sleep! Simple as that. Luckily for you I did my research and found you a few awesome ways you can use to create your very own affiliate program so others can promote it and sell your product for you. So here they are:

Note: You don’t have to think of your own product for now, even though that’s what they will have to sell, but don’t worry about it, It is important to gain a sure way to have sellers and promoters first, by doing so, you will be more than motivated and inspired to actually create your first product. But we will come to that later, including with the ideas for the actual product.

I found 5 ways to start your own affiliate program for your (soon to be made) future digital product:

E-Junkie (platform)
More Info for sellers
unlimited sales
no credit card needed
30 days free trial
storage is upgradeable
Paypal, Stripe +10 others

Distribly (platform)
More Info for sellers
Free signup
Unlimited sales
Unlimited storage
10% fee on each sale
AffiliateWP (WP Plugin)
More Info for sellers
28+ integrations
Unlimited add-ons
Paypal, Stripe
WP Affiliate Manager (WP Plugin)
More Info for sellers
$39/one time setup
Manual adjustments and payouts
Simple installation
Responsive design
Unlimited sales
Unlimited affiliates
All most recent integrations
All payment processors
PayLoadz (platform)
More Info for sellers
More Info for resellers
$1 free trial / $19,95/mo
2.9% fee
Instant Paypal payment
Credit cards, debit card,
eChecks, ACH transfers

To be continued in the part 2 😉

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