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How to make money by uploading videos in 2016 - How to make money by uploading videos in 2017 - How to get paid for by uploading videos in 2016 - How to get paid for by uploading videos in 2017Hey! Hi there so  you probably  found this post by searching  how to get paid by uploading videos with your camera?

Good! because I just found something interesting for you!

You  probably already know,  that the  idea of getting paid for  shooting and uploading videos online isn’t  really new, and it’s actually pretty broad and diverse.  But it mostly consists of making and selling (or in other ways monetizing) your videos either by your self or by uploading them on stock footage marketplace sites (which are often crowded with a lot of competition).

But there is a  new way to sell  your videos easier… by making an exact required  video on demand.

I present you the

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Basically  what you do as a  video maker (producer) is browsing through the categories of demanded videos and see which ones you can work on and deliver, and you get paid when a buyer downloads it, that’s pretty much it.

Now here are some more thorough details:

What video formats can I submit?

We are accepting mov. and mp4

What resolutions do you accept?

We prefer HD 1080 and above but occasionally accept resolutions above 720

Do you support audio in the video files?

Yes. Though we do not accept copyrighted audio material.

Do I have to pay to publish videos on glymt?

No. The app is free to download and there are no fees involved in publishing and storing videos on glymt.

What is required to publish a video on glymt?

Glymt requires that your videos be in HD format (1080) and that their length be between 5 and 20 seconds. We require that you are either the owner or have permission given by the owner to the rights of any video you submit. We validate all videos before releasing them on the platform and will refuse any content that we find abusive, sensitive or infringing Copyright and Trademark law according to our terms. We require that you tag any video with at least title and a category, though we recommend selecting an appealing cover frame and adding more categories and keyword to increase the visibility of your videos on our platform. If the video metadata contains the location of the video we will add it to the keywords automatically. You can also add Model Release Waivers with our built in tool when there are recognizable faces, which may be required for a buyer to purchase your video for commercial use.

What is the producer’s share of the licensing fee?

The video producer will receive between 30 and 50% of the licensing fee (after transaction costs). The percentage will vary with the user’s history and performance.

So yeah,  that’s pretty much it for this post… ;)

Tell me down in the comments if you tried it, if you plan to try it or if you are already making money by uploading  videos online!

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