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 That moment when……

I want to save that useful info & take it on a plane!

Imagine you’ve created a completely new website or blog or any other online business model, a new application or a service. The question is… How do you get eyeballs on it? How do you make it so that actual people discover it? And even more importantly, how do you make a targeted customers find it?

Over the year’s I’ve seen many different methods recommended by different experts and online marketing gurus.

Here is what I’ve learned by experience and observation and saw that it is proven to work:


  1. Totally common every day content, nothing new (pictures,videos,sms, problem solving articles,reviews) but whatever it is make it better than others.
  2. Totally unique content (like a new innovative web service, application, game, new product that solves some need or a problem or simply amazes and inspires people. (like,,,  etc.)
  3. What ever you create, always make it as SPECIFIC as possible instead of being broad and unspecified.

B) Getting traffic:

  1. Paid traffic: Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Bidvertiser, Billboards, Magazines, Newspapers
  2. Free (organic) traffic: Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook page, Pinterest, Squidoo, Hubpages, Ezine Articles, WarriorForum, Blog commenting, Forum commenting,,,,,, Google+, Guest blogging, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Email newsletters, etc.
  3. Writing new posts and creating new videos weekly or daily, using carefully chosen keywords in your blog post titles. Discovering exactly what phrases users are searching for (with MarketSamurai), and chose the ones that will make your blog post come up in the top 10 results on Google.

C) Turning your visitors into fans:

  1. Do not enslave your visitors, instead, empower them! Meaning; Do not feed your website users with superficial & not helpful posts, endless galleries of “funny images”, celebrity news and gossips, and various worldly trivia. That stuff comes and goes and your users eventually grow up and get fed up. (Unless its Grumpy cat! ;) )
  2. Instead… Give your visitors something that makes them feel; free, in control, knowledgeable , more knowledge about their inner self and their minds and souls, their strengths and weaknesses. Give them unique and helpful knowledge and tools to repair their bad habits, improve their health, improve their skills, give them hope in humanity and in a better world, make them amazed, astonished, make them see that you care about them as human beings, as your friends, as your family… and be sincere!
  3. To make your website/blog content popular and easy to consume idealy you should have both, the video version of it and the post it self under the video, or at least some video or at least pictures and screenshots in it. Another vitally important thing to make it easy to read and hold reader’s attention and find your content easy to understand and practical (and to like it, save it and re-visit it! And to actually understand it easily) is the use of INFOGRAPHICS, SHORT PARAGRAPHS and the whole message put in a NUMERATED LIST or BULLET POINTS!
  4. And lastly; Make your self approachable for questions, be meak, humble and tolerant of all, use a decent language, offer them to contact you by email forms, mobile number, Skype, chat boxes, your own forum on the site, ask for comments and critics and their thoughts in the comments on your posts and videos. And one last thing but vitally important which has been the center thought to me and an inspiration to write this whole post; MAKE YOUR USEFUL CONTENT REALLY USEFUL!

Make your content


To make the use of your valuable advice practical for people who don’t like bookmarking and find it practical to archive them on their devices and carry your instructions with them “on the road”!

Make your WordPress blog content printer ready and easy to download in a PDF file TODAY! with this totally free, one click install, WordPress plugin, just like I did! ;)  … and give your visitors a reason to love and share your helpful posts more easily and carry them even on a trip, on work or in the jungles of Amazon! ;)

Was this post helpful to you ? :) Tell me in the comments if you also find it helpful when you can simply download a page as a PDF ;) 

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