How to get rid of blog spammers & scammers in 2020

Above is an example of this silly Ghanian, or Filipino sweaty pag-pag eating bluffer who found my poor blog back in the days when I have just made it, and it didn’t earn any money, and he is typing all these silly lies and science-fiction threats , trying to blackmail me into sending him 0.5 Bitcoins to his wallet. .. Little did he know that my year’s worth of wages is less than that! What a batugan!
I bet his dog kebab eating nana is proud of him. 😀

So the plan is simple:

No more attracting low “quality” traffic, and not offering any “freebies” after which the scammers from developing countries are chasing online. -This is a high standard blog meant for serious genuine users to share and provide you guys serious, my genuine, medium to high yield, online income earning opportunities worthy of your time and effort.

A message for scammers and spammers:

You guys know that to make money it costs money, or time and effort. And this is not a place for “comment hobos” to place their scammy back-links in comments. You guys go somewhere else. I am reading each and every one of my comments and I’m using top notch software to recognize and delete ALL OF THEM. But feel free to waste your time by typing those “I like this post” fake comments. I enjoy sleeping while my blog is deleting them automatically and never EVER approving even a single one 😉

My blog proudly serves only decent people:

Only people who know the worth of time and money and are willing to invest one of those two.

Crooked cheapskaters go away! shooosh!

My dear readers, don’t do this mistake:

Like I did before. – I attracted poor quality traffic from various page-view exchange services and attracted jungle hut trolls from poorest countries in the world with my free electronic gadget giveaways on my blog. It was about time I deleted all of it.


If you want a high quality blog. then attract honest, organic views from high quality viewers who are genuinely interested. And avoid going the easy route by bringing in random bums who are not bringing any value, neither are able to use the value I am offering here. – Right, that’s it for now. – Signing off for tonight!

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