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If you have a bunch of different Gmail accounts for various purposes to keep your emails organised but you are annoyed when having to open each one separately and then close it to open another. Or if you don’t want to miss an important email and get it on time. Here is the awesome solution I have found! It’s called “Up2Date”.

It’s a tiny bit of freeware (free software) which can be configured even by a toddler, and it does a tremendously practical job to ease your life. You just download it, launch it, type in your gmail login and passwords. Enter in all your gmail addresses which you want to monitor. Then you can setup the frequency of checking for new emails (for each address), and you are good to go! 😉

You can download it from this link:

(if you have an antivirus software which blocks the CNet’s downloader file, just turn it off temporary, it’s a false alarm. Just be sure to decline any additional bundled software while installing it, and choose only Up2Date software to install.)