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How to get inspired to start writing great posts my your blog ?

If you have a large company or even a start up with your own workers who are qualified about the subjects which needs articles written about, then it almost never should be a problem to find an inspiration to write (or make videos which is even more preferable).

But if you are running your blog pretty much on your own (like me now) or at least in the beginning when you don’t have guest authors or partners to help you out with it. Then we as  bloggers are facing that moment of either not having an inspiration to write, having it too much but nothing complete, or even feeling a guilt about a possible creation of a low quality post that only adds up to an overall information paralysis to your user’s minds. Which is the last thing I want to do!

  • The point is: Keep it real, unique, useful, short, understandable, simple, sweet, different, user friendly. 
  • Don’t spend your time on overly fine tuning and manipulation of the title by doing a detailed market research with Market Samurai SEO software each and every time when you are writing a post.
  • Especially when its something purely helpful (as it always should be) and you don’t have a product to pitch in it (which you shouldn’t do in each and every post) especially if you didn’t even try it out your self.
  • And when inspiration simply doesn’t come, it’s fine.  Go out and unwind in the nature, fill up your batteries. Cook some healthy brain food. Go cycling, swimming, climbing, go anywhere in nature, or take a stroll anywhere (preferably on a fresh air), and by all means, go to sleep if you are sleepy. I constantly surprise my self how fresh my mind is in the morning and running on all cylinders and what the difference it makes unlike trying to write or read when I’m half asleep.
  • Other than keeping your blog honest, user friendly, unique and helpful, not superficial, not overselling. Before all that, before you even start working on it, you should first find a quality hosting which is lightspeed fast with a stable connection. Otherwise almost every time you click to publish your post, your work will dissipate into oblivion unless you first saved it. Not to mention your WordPress blogging platform will be painfully slow and unresponsive to the point that you will need hours to setup your navigation menu or write a single post or a page.

( I suggest you never ever buy a cheap sharing hosting, especially not from, they don’t even have a refund. The only good thing they have is quality cheap domains and a free WhoIs Guard).


Happy [is] the man [that] findeth wisdom, and the man [that] getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it [is] better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.” – Proverbs 3.13