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fastest paypal money for  valentine 2016

If you  are a  curious online marketer/blogger like me, you have probably already tried to find out if there is the fastest way possible to earn some instant cash on PayPal without waiting a month or two to get paid.

But unfortunately all you were able to find at the time were  just endless fields of scamming websites, illegal “PayPal Adder” types of suspicious software filled with malware, tyrannical Indian CAPTCHA typing “jobs” which can only give you hemorrhoids and epilepsy.  And that was pretty much it!

But there  must be a  legitimate company online offering some easy work that everybody can do and that pays on PayPal instantly ?

As you might have guessed those are a myth (almost).

But there is one company which I actually tried a couple of months ago.

It basically works, its legit, there is lots of work on it every hour

and people are constantly posting their earning proofs online.

fastest paypal money 2016 humanatic  reviewYes, you get paid to review phone calls.

What is important that it really pays, and it pays instantly on PayPal.

Basically what you get when you signup is a work space where you can choose the  level of the difficulty of the task and how complicated is the nature of the call and you have to recognize the difference and what   are they talking about.

What you will be listening are very short customer service and appointment calls (mostly medical, insurance or car dealership and repair related.

And if you are excellent in hearing and understanding  english, you can do it fast and earn about $0,05 – $0,20 cents for each call you listen and then categorize with a single click.

Even if you are not a native english speaker, you can earn about $1 an hour, and some people even make up to $50 a day there.

I know.. it doesn’t sound like a retirement plan any time soon.

But the important thing is that…


(can’t remember  the withdrawal limit, but I think it was very low, around $10)

To be honest, the task of carefully listening through a call and then categorizing it correctly might seem daunting to some people, and the prospect of earning 5-20 cents per call is not that appealing to many…

But hey! When did you last time hear about a company that hires you online for such an easy job, without needing your resume, and paying you instantly on PayPal ? :)

In any case, it’s the only legit and easiest way to get paid instantly on PayPal without waiting.

Try it out and let me know of your experience with it inn the comments ;)