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Very often when I do a research about anything, I want to save that web page to study it in debth later and while offline and take it with me anywhere.

Which is why many website authors, publishers and bloggers figured out that it is extremely user friendly and much more convenient, more relaxing and much more practical for readers to absorb their content by not just reading a more less dry article with limited pictures and infographycs, but  its way easier for a user when a post has a matching audio podcast, a video, or at least a downloadable post in a form of a PDF file.

Naturally… majority of websites and blogs are still not offering PDFs of their posts.

So what I do when I  do research and want to save and categorize my research files in separate folders by categories, Im then downloading the web page into a PDF by my self. There is a free online HTML to PDF converter which downloads your website (HTML, PHP, ASP, ASPX, Flash or any other) into a nice neat PDF eBook without any watermarks or ads.

It is called:

You can just paste your desired website URL address and click “Convert to PDF” and then it will save it like “file.pdf” in your download folder and then you can rename it later so you will know what it is. There you go!

But that ain’t all!

In addition to converting HTML (websites) to PDF eBooks, I also had a need on certain occasions to convert Word documents (like DOC, DOCX and RTF into PDF, and also JPG images into PDF, and even PDF’s into JPG images too. Those can all be done easily and free with same type of online converters. Here are the links for you in case you may need such life saving tools 😉


DOC, DOCX to PDF (this one is very useful for converting your online CV’s to PDF)

JPG to PDF  (although you could also do this with OpenOffice Writer)

PDF to Kindle (this work but sometimes it gives you buggy results)

OCR to PDF (Optical Character Recognition from scanned documents):

Hope you find it useful! 😉