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That thing when you have a nice apartment or a house…

to get rich by renting it, but you never did!

Chances are that you have a good enough apartment or a house where you can rent at least one room, (unless you live in a hamster tight Chinese condo or you live in North Korea).

In any case I think more people should try it because;

  • Its a hefty chunk of income
  • People either travel or work all year round and need a place to stay
  • More people nowadays are searching for private houses to rent a room, an apartment or even a whole house to live and work in a different place and because it is more convenient or more affordable than a hotel.

So if you “like” the idea of paying a bit more income taxes, BUT EARNING WAY MORE

The next and final bit of a “problem” is ensuring everybody interested knows about your apartment or house that you are renting. That’s actually way more easier than you may believe!

There is quite big number of different agencies/companies/websites where you can register either for free or for a small fee in order to get your apartment or home in the listing for interested travelers,commuters and tourists to easily find it.

Here are a few of them which I personally checked and I really recommend !

  1. VacationHomeRentals:logo_com_600x300
  2. HomeAwayhomeaway-uk

So if you have a room, apartment or a house you might rent for a weekend or longer… why not ?

  • It’s a fantastic way to earn a lot,
  • Summer Is almost here
  • And guests have never been easier to attract,
  • Even all year round, no matter where you live ;)

Was this post helpful to you ? Have you been thinking abut renting your space before or are you already doing it ? Tell me in the comments!