How I made my first online sale

I made a dedicated blog for one thing only:

Shoker, right ? Well not really, because it is proven to work best.

All I did was making one simple blogger blog, with one post. I wrote everything about different types of ultrasonic bat detectors and how is each one used and the pros and cons of each and what kinds of methods each one uses to make the bat echolocation sounds audible to human hearing frequencies.

Then I advertised my blog to a dozen forums:

I went to a dozen forums about wildlife monitoring and bat detection. Posted my blogger blog post with my article about the international bat day and my review of different kinds of bat detectors.

I used Amazon associates banners:

I used Amazon associates to different models of bat detectors in the sidebar, and some time after, I believe the same month, I checked my amazon account and noticed there was a sale comission (around 9 GBP or so). Its not much, but it was a sale. My first sale online back then.


From then on I realized; That the only way to sale something successfuly online is to do reviews about one particular type of product and to give people a limited choice to choose from. it deppends on the thing you are selling but a dozen, half a dozen, or 2 to 3 articles to choose works best. 2 products to choose from works even better. And in some cases, having just a single prodict to offer, but letting people compare the prices for the same exact product, works the best.

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