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Recently I’ve been involved in some secret business seminar…

there was some shocking stuff

The kind of stuff that can make you a millionaire

(if you don’t have anything else more important to do in  life)

Here is what I’ve learned:

There are like 2 ways of earning a living with your online business…

(1) Beginners/hobbyists: They are the majority of bloggers out there.  Rambling about of bunch of different stuff, news, traveling, hobbies and countless of other stuff. Some of them more some less focused. Some try to monetize their blogs others don’t. Some are renting 125×125 pix ad spaces, running Google Adsense ads, or annoying banners and fake articles from Chacha or similar, which turn out to be unrelated to the content and not really good.

Others are casually trying to sell some affiliate products and things like that. Some of them are running one or more blogs with obviously automatic and unhelpful, poorly researched articles about real and often very tough and complicated problems people have (most often with health and finances).

And they are not being particularly helpful or original, and on top of that they are running annoying banners and some PTC contextual ad blocks.

Idk. how much those people earn but when I did that it wasn’t much. And the point with such blogs is that their main purpose should be their hobbies and their expertise and their genuine willingness to educate and offer help.

(2) Entrepreneurs: Then there are the minority of “smart guys” , online entrepreneurs who know what and how they are doing. They almost seem like they came out of some secret meeting when they’ve learned the mysteries of manipulating reality and their readers to be able to put on the right kind of show, mesmerize with authority and they all use the right kinds of strategies to keep on going, developing, generating sells with ease and generally running their business right. They are called the “authority bloggers”.

The difference between them and a regular online marketer is that they are lean, mean, focused, properly instructed, write/create new content like crazy, and send you daily newsletters until you buy something from them.

The secret of how they are doing it is that they already have some skill or knowledge to do something,which they can then turn into an ebook or video product and sell it.

They focus on one particular thing they sell, and they use a quality email list and opt-in forms and an auto-responder.

They know how to do that either by exploring it on their own for years, by buying and trying dozens of info-products or somebody telling them exactly what they should do on some private seminar, webinar or a private coaching they paid a lot in order to master their craft and do it right.

They usually pay a lot to get their business started right. They know the importance of investing in a good domain name, good hosting, good auto-responder, an email list and sufficient advertisement which is not too cheap but it does return their investment pretty quickly. (even within 2 months)

They are found in all kinds of niches according to their knowledge and expertise, not just in “make money online” niche, and even when they are into that one, they would narrow it down to something more specific (like the skills of generating more website traffic, etc.) Because that’s how they are gaining authority, trust, beat the competition and do a quality pre-selling.

The majority of them are generating their own mailing list and they are selling other author’s relevant affiliate products in which they may believe in or maybe just try selling those in order to generate profit.

While others would go a step further and they are creating their own products (as I was instructed to do so in that secret seminar).

Now when they have their own affiliate product to sell, they need to have an email list of interested prospects (to spam their inbox with letters haha :p … Ok its not spamming, it’s legal, but some of them are sending you like 2 to 3 emails per week, I personally consider that a bit intrusive though, I would definitely not do that to you guys!

And of course,once they have their own affiliate product to sell then they can also recruit other affiliate marketers to sweat and work their bottoms off to sell their products or services for them, for a certain percentage of the sale.

And then the author of that product can work a lot less, earn a lot more and enjoy a lot more free time. That is how the lifestyle is basically being done. It’s not without any work though, but work less but doing it smarter.

Now here comes the important piece of information, here comes the dough!

Listen carefully:

Both, the affiliate marketers who are selling their products, and the authors who are creating them and runming their own affiliate programs;

The most advanced and most successful ones who are earning enough to make a living out of it and who are being able to pay all of their bills and buy houses and more, they both have one secret strategy in common.

And that is: Buying email solo ads from email list brokers and eZine article owners!

There are a couple of reasons why they are doing that:

First, when a a product creator or an affiliate marketer is starting their business online, they need traffic, a lot of it, and not just any traffic but highly targeted traffic. Now, that can be done through smart SEO strategies, but that takes some time in order to beat the competition with the same keywords (even when using MarketSamurai which will bring you on the first page of Google in about 2-4 weeks).

Still to make a living by selling your info product or service online or to sell affiliate products for a percentage, in both cases you will need a highly highly highly targeted online traffic and to advertise to the right people in the right spot to get their attention.

Of course, getting organic free traffic from a good SEO strategy and having a PR1 on Google search engine is a must in the long run and it’s super easy to do it with the MarketSamurai software which Im using personally for this blog and I’m loving it.

But the kind of sales which can make you $500, $1000, $10,000 a month or more are done through a huge email list. and for that you need dozens of thousands of people in your mailing list. Now that’s a hard task right there.

And the free versions of mailing list services (like MailChimp and simmilar) which you can use for your WordPress blog, do not support that kind of unlimited email list subscribers. (That is why online marketers are paying $20 a month for the good old “Aweber” which can accommodate thousands of subscribers and do a lot of work for you on auto-pilot).

But in order to even get those thousands of email subscribers, takes a lot of time, it could take months and even years! Or for some reason not many people would even subscribe to read your content (in which case you have a bit of a problem there)

Here comes the interesting part:

There are people who have their online magazines (called eZines), and they have been publishing articles in them for years, and they have a huge, dedicated and interested followers, who are already reading their newsletters on a weekly basis and they are ready to buy a good product and ready to try what you are offering.

Those eZine authors can have thousands and even hundreds of thousands of newsletter subscribers in their own mailing list. And here is how the most successful product launchers and affiliate marketers make the biggest amount of money in the fastest possible time online (within a month or less!)

  • First, they would create a site about a certain niche they know about, they are passionate about, they researched it well, they saw its marketable, they found a good amount of high “gravity” products to sell on Clickbank or other marketplace (if they dont have their own product). They have narrowed down their niche to a specific group of people who are into it and ready to pay for a product.
  • Then they would spend a few weeks in trying to locate and contact good eZine article authors who are into their niche and they would ask them a few important questions in order to determine how many subscribers they  have, how often are they sending them newsletters, are they offering “email solo ads” and how much they charge for your ad (ONLY YOUR AD) to show up in their next newsletter. And then when you collect a few dozens of those authors, you need to sift through them carefully and see which one to choose to do business with and whose readers will find your content and your product offer most interesting and most useful.

Now here are some numbers: The eZine article authors may have let’s say 200,000, or 400,000 subscribers.

Now…you may reach a few thousands impressions and a few dozen clicks let’s say on Facebook ads for only $5, but when you think about it… that’s actually wasting money as it often turns out.

It seems strange at first but there is logic and good math behind it, because you can pay for instance $40 to an eZine article author to reach let’s say around 200,000 subscribers, which in this case is not just a banner on a screen that nobody looks at. But its actually a personal email, with only your text, your professionally written sales latter which converts people to buyers.

And they happen to be checking their email often to read it, and they would read it carefully and try it out, they would go to the vendor’s page of the valuable product you offered them to check out. And your job is done!

They would get a cookie and if they buy a product in a few hours or few months (or lifetime), you get the commission!

Now imagine you ask just one eZine article author to send your message, with your sales later (which you don’t even have to write on your own but just copy it from your affiliate product’s vendor’s page.

Copy and paste it into their newsletter. Pay it let’s say $40, it get sent to 200,000 interested email subscribers.

Let’s say only %50 of them read it, … that’s 100,000 people,  and even if just one out of 500 of them buys the product which is let’s say $35 (which is a safe limit) which is 200 people,times $35 = $7000 ! minimum!

And that can happen in 1 month or within one day!

And you can earn a lot more than that, and not only that but you can advertise them your own blog too,  so now you can get all of those subscribers for your self too, and incorporate them into your own email list very rapidly.

And then you can send them your own newsletters and affiliate product offers weekly and have them as your prospects which are ready  and interested to pay for something you are offering.

But wait, there is more! 

Once you have all those email list subscribers on your own, many of them still use RSS and you can use plugins on your blog to show how many RSS/feedburner and email readers you have.

When you have hundreds or thousands of them, that’s when you can rent a flat rate for an advertisement on your blog to and earn an even more steady monthly income even if nobody ever buys a single affiliate product you are offering! And then you can use that money to buy more solo ads and get more sales and subscribers!

 And now the best part!

You don’t need to spend weeks to search and sift through dozens and dozens of unreachable eZine article authors to ask them if they will let you use their mailing list to send your affiliate product’s sales letter in their newsletter.

You don’t need to worry if they are reputable ones,if their readers are interested and active or if they will accept your offer, or spend time emailing them or calling them to check their niche and their price for your email solo ad.

Because there is a genius piece of software which can do all that work for you in 5 minutes!

It’s called Directory Of Ezines ! <— CLICK HERE

(watch the video to see how it works)

 (The title of this post is generated by doing SEO keyword research with MarketSamurai.)