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cpmgo review pros and cons - why I quit using cpmgo - cpmgo is a scamWell   first  of all, why I even started using   Ad Network ?

Honestly I just wanted to test it out and see if it’s of any value  and will it bring some revenue to  my blog.

And here is what I’ve found out:


* They automatically accept any web traffic no matter how small and no matter the country

* They pay per  CPC/CPM and ad view (CPV).

* Easiest to join, without the need for approval

* Good if you  have  a gaming & software  site where the visitors don’t mind the popups.


 * Just basic options in the Dashboard but it’s fine

 * No obvious option to avoid certain advertisers (at least I have not find one)

 * Adult ads (But they can easily be blocked when choosing the code)

 * Not suitable for blog audience if you have a lot of popups, but you can choose to control those too

 * The ad sometimes redirects to an external site (which by their Terms Of Service shouldn’t happen)

So yeah, as you can  see, I had some reasons to remove it, after all my readers deserve only 500% of quality and only %100 relevant content of their interests  :D

CPMGO earning proof review

The earnings are slow but they can add up fast on sites with an insane amount of traffic and where visitors wouldn’t mind the ads much.

But hey, if you think your project can benefit from it, here is the link so you can try it out.

-> SIGNUP for CPMGO Ad Network <-

Update: I didn’t actually completely stopped using it, I discovered I can still use the banners to refer people who might benefit from it so.. its not that bad after all… and besides they accept any traffic you might have :)

(Just be sure to block those adult sites when copying your ad code!)

Let me know in the comments if you had any more luck with it ;)