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 That thing when …

You want an extra protection on your wiNdowS 8.1 Awesome operating system, …

for whatever reason… (caps intended 😉

(and no, its not awesome, Windows XP rules!!!)

For one, it didn’t look even close like on my screenshot when I installed it.

For some mysterious reason Billy’s Micro Soft team decided to remove the good old & useful start menu (I’m not sure if they were sober when they decided to do that… but I hear the start menu is back in Windows 10).

Sorry, I’m just expressing what millions of other users are feeling about it too 😉

So anyway, there are a few simple to install, free patches online that you can download to get your Start Menu back to life (and configure it however you like), and remove the terrible terrible “tablet-liketiles from appearing!

Also the taskbar (aka start tray) which is irritatingly transparent and you can see just the bottom of your background image which feels kinda strange. That can also be cured by changing the transparency value of it in guess where!?

In the Registry!  (by using Regedit) I’ve read an advice by an actual Microsoft programmer who said that.

Anyway, my main problem with Windows 8/8.1 is that it can’t install or properly run many of my essential tools and software which worked perfectly on my good old Windows XP, which can’t be installed on these new laptops nowadays, no matter how much you meddle with Compatibility and Legacy modes in the BIOS.

(Im sensing a revolution in the air! Some of these days somebody should start protesting to make PC’s to be able to run XP again! ;D).

Anyway… What I want to do is install my good old, flawless Sunbelt Personal Firewall and Sunbelt Vipre Antivirus + Anti-Malware.

In case you didn’t know by now. (and you can Google it to check it), those are the best of the best Firewall and Antivirus programs you could ever need, and its all you need to protect your PC and make it clean, secure and fast FOR YEARS AND YEARS WITHOUT THE NEED TO RE-INSTALL YOUR WINDOWS!

Sunbelt Vipre Antivirus has an excellent real time ACTIVE PROTECTION of all of your files and it does NOT slow down your computer (like Avast Free does).

(I know it from my personal experience, I have those on all PC’s and I’m recommending it to everybody).

wor 01 03

(Older Vipre Antivirus Im currently using on my Windows XP)


wor 01 04

(And this is how many times it protected me from dangerous viruses even though I’m super careful but still, internet is not a safe place for your PC without this piece of brilliant software!)


Now the problem is that those super useful pieces of software are 32 bit, which doesn’t work on Windows 8.1 as it’s supposed to. The new solution though, is a new 64 bit version of Sunbelt’s famous software, which runs on 64 bit Windows 8/8.1.

Basically, Sunbelt (which is now known as ThreatTrack Security, Inc.) now re-branded it as two new pieces of software. One is just the Antivirus like before, and the other one is a Firewall plus Antivirus

(which is what I need and I will purchase it very soon to protect my PC properly).

Yes it costs $49 a year for a single PC and there is a $10 discount when you download the 30 days free trial version, but its worth every single penny of it.

Find out more on: 

and get a 23% discount!


I will continue using my good old Windows XP pc for all the important and sensitive stuff and wait a bit till I download a proper Sunbelt Vipre (Firewall + Antivirus), before I continue doing anything serious on that Windows 8.1 system.

And feel free to tell me in the comments what do you think is the most secure, lightweight (and pretty affordable) Antivirus or Firewall for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 ? And which one are you using and why ? 🙂

And BTW how do you like new Windows 8.1 BTW ? (me, not so much haha.. but I will do some surgery on it to make it work how I like 😉

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