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If your answer is yes,

you’ve come to the right place!

I have personally either tried by my self or researched really in details and read the fine
print Terms Of Service of the following web hosting companies which are most
often recommended as the “best ones”:

GoDaddy, Hostgator, Site5, Arvixe, JustHost, BlueHost and NameCheap

To my best knowledge each one of these has at least one or more of the issues
I don’t like:

  • They either don’t have a free or existing WhoIs Guard
  • No refund guarantee confirmed in the TOS
  • Not very affordable
  • Not fast enough (actually painfully slow) for basic editing and installing and using a WordPress blog
  • Too much downtime (sometimes even resulting in a need to save my posts in a text file before publishing!)

I’ve spent a lot of time in trying to start my online business which I couldn’t do without first finding a web host which satisfies all of those basic needs.

It has been a daunting task! But I finally did it!

I was doing my research and been reading some web hosting reviews  and the one which I’m using right now for this blog (and I will certainly use it for many years to come), popped up as a number one result on the list. So I’ve checked it carefully and I’ve read all the fine print letters in their Terms Of Service.

And I finally decided to try it out since I was finally so impressed!

But still in the back of my mind I expected it will probably be just another slow server like before,especially for that price…. but man!!!! I was so wrong…

This baby is faster than light! Finally!

(Compared to other’s I’ve tried before some of which were practically useless and I was never even able to use them even after the technicians have tried to improve it).

So, in order to avoid all those problems when starting your blog or online business…

You will need a fast and top quality and unlimited web hosting and you can get it for a very affordable price.

The one I’m using for this blog:

  • Has all the security and privacy in place, (free WhoIs Guard included),
  • Latest PHP and latest WordPress installed
  • Everything running smoothly, 100% up-time (from my daily experience),
  •                It has pre-installed all the scripts you could need to make a clip-share site (Youtube clone), social network site, shopping carts and hundreds of other scrips you may need.
  • And…… an extremely helpful 24/7 support service ready and waiting in a chat box or phone!


and a free domain name!

And it has a 30 days refund guarantee!

The one I’m recommending and the only one I am personally using and I will
keep using it in the future for all my future projects is:

You get all of that for only: $4,85/mo or $58,08/year

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