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Hi ! I’m Damir S.  I’m experienced in advanced SEO Competition and Keyword optimization. I know the secret of bringing a website/blog to the #1 spot on the 1st. page on Google. 

I’m good at  many things concerning WordPress, Video editing, spotting online marketing scams, and doing a thorough web research.

I’ve created this blog to share my latest findings with fellow online marketers and bloggers who want to do their business differently, to be user friendly and to create the kind of valuable content which their readers are really looking for and they can’t find it anywhere else.

Also to evaluate the contemporary online marketing strategies and revenue generating options in terms of making them first and foremost extremely valuable, competitive and empowering and liberating for the users instead of engaging them too much, while in the same time being profitable.

My interests are wilderness survival without modern technology, I like photography, drawing, swimming, cycling, science & technology news. I love my Bible, I love anatomy and biology, I prefer most of my gadgets in black like Bruce Wayne 😉


What will you find here:

  1. Genuine, good paying online working opportunities.
  2. An unique list of IDEAS for creating profitable online revenue generating websites.
  3. My recommended essential products and tools which I’m personally using to build my online business.

What will you not find here:

  1. I’m not collecting your email address to spam you with affiliate links to “push button” overnight riches scammy info products like many other bloggers are doing!
  2. No PTC sites, MLM, GDI, Paid emails, surveys, CashCrate, Content lockers, Paid to upload, “music review”, collecting referrals, peanut earnings, or any of that!
  3. I’m not trying to sell you some $9,99 scammy info products  at the bottom of a superficial and less than not helpful blog post! My goal is to help my readers with my posts and knowledge as much as I can 😉


The purpose of this blog is to make each and every one of my posts UNIQUE AND REALLY USEFUL AND HELPFUL like no one else is doing it! I have seen far too many (if not all) blog posts out there who are taking the whole online revenue earning theme far too superficial, not enough details for starters and absolute beginners with no, clue, skill,money to invest and ideas to work with and create.

So I’ve decided to make my own blog to remedy that void and to make it as it should be! To guide absolute beginners totally for free from the very start and finish of their online business projects. But also to help those more experienced ones with a fresh perspective and ways to stand out of the crowd. So stay tuned, exciting news are coming!

My wish is that If I only help at least one person, with my unique work here, to help him/her out, to at least pay bills, pay out debts or can afford to travel, or give to charity, then I have accomplished my mission here! 😉